YouTube Remixer Offers Online Editing

June 18th 2007 | General

Late Friday evening YouTube rolled out its new on-site editing service, YouTube Remixer. Powered by Adobe Premiere Express, the software allows YouTubers to remix their existing videos adding new music, borders, clip art graphics, and transitions (though I’m very sad that the star wipe did not make the cut). YouTube Remixer is exactly the same as Photobucket’s Remixer, except that Photobucket launched theirs back in February and it has far more features.

Honestly, this is a massively underwhelming showing from YouTube. Since Google acquired YouTube, not much has happened to the technical capabilities of the site. Last week YouTube finally rolled out a beefier embed player but it still lacks many of the features that other video sites offer. While far and away the most popular video site, YouTube seems to be stagnating. All of these features have been available elsewhere for months.


YouTube Remixer Offers Online Editing
Published in: General on 2007-06-18