XFX 5700 Ultra Dual DVI DDR3 Review

May 26th 2004 | Graphics Cards

The XFX FX 5700 Ultra in this review is no exception, the card has been tested and tweaked by XFX not only to provide peak performance right from the box but also to allow manual tweaks by the user to further enhance overall performance. In this review alone we were able to push the 5700 Ultra core 90+ Mhz higher than default using the stock nVidia cooler, however with some voltage modifications and better cooling the chip could easily clock much higher than this. Pair the GPU with high-end memory like DDR3 and the additional speed can easily be accommodated for.

The XFX FX 5700 Ultra is truly a gamer card, built by gamers for gamers but I wouldn’t limit its usage to just games, the dual DVI connections are perfect for any digital workstation.

The Good Things
Swanky Blue PCB
Comes mildly overclocked from the factory
Dual DVI video connections
GDDR3 on a mid-range card
Card is very overclockable

The Bad Things
Unexpected "Auto Detect" behavior
Stock cooling is rather loud

Ninjalane Rating 5/5

XFX 5700 Ultra Dual DVI DDR3 Review @ Ninja Lane

XFX 5700 Ultra Dual DVI DDR3 Review
Published in: Graphics Cards on 2004-05-26