Xbox 360 Transfer Kit From Datel

February 23rd 2006 | Games Consoles

Our newshounds have been busy again, and now have the world’s first scoop on Datel’s new Xbox 360 transfer kit and complimentary software called Xchange 360. With this product, you will be able to transfer game saves, downloads, user data and the like. This is incredibly easy to use, just plug in your memory unit into the docking port and connect it to any USB enabled PC!

The retail price is expected to be around $14.99. We believe that if the software drive is tweaked, the docking station can be used with just about any homebrew memory applications including Xplorer 360 and WxTheme! Here’s to no more Memory Card modding, soldering or related DIY!


Xbox 360 Transfer Kit From Datel
Published in: Games Consoles on 2006-02-23