Xbox 360 Crash Fix Found – Overheating Power Supply

November 25th 2005 | Games Consoles

If your brand new Xbox 360 is crashing or freezing up, an overheating power supply may be the culprit, according to a console owner on the GameSpot forums.

‘Goldeneyemaster’ fixed his crashing Xbox 360 by suspending the ‘brick’ power supply on a piece of string to improve air circulation around the unit. Another lo-fi solution provided by the canny console owner involves placing the power supply on an open box to allow maximum heat release. Other Xbox 360 owners have said that the solution of raising the power supply off the floor works for them too.

Goldeneyemaster – My 360 was crashing a lot (like once every 20 minutes). So I took the power supply off the ground and suspended it in the air with some string. I have been playing for about 3 hours straight and no crashes so far!

I found an easier way to do this. I got a box with no cover and put the power supply on the edges. This is just one way of doing it. The main point of this fix is to get your PSU off the ground for maximum heat release.

Also, it seems like most 360s are freezing due to overheating. My Xbox 360 was freezing every 20 minutes. When I put the PSU on this box I left the console on for 7 hours without crashing (I finally decided to turn it off).

NOTE: If your 360 is not freezing because of overheating, this fix WILL NOT work.

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Xbox 360 Crash Fix Found – Overheating Power Supply
Published in: Games Consoles on 2005-11-25