Wolfking Warrior Keypad Review

September 14th 2007 | Gaming

For hardcore FPS players who don’t mind un-learning a couple things about the traditional controls on a QWERTY keyboard, the Warrior will reward with a comfortable and ergonomically sound gaming experience. I can’t say that it made me a better player, but let’s be realistic – does anything other than practice and skill make someone a better FPS gamer? However, that’s not to say this product can’t aid in becoming a better player. It absolutely can. Its circular shape puts all the commonly used keys right where they need to be and that’s important for both speed and accuracy. Some of the function keys still require a reach, but many FPS games don’t utilize all of them anyway.

I can definitely see myself using the Warrior from now on when playing FPS games. Its similarities to a regular keyboard make for a low learning curve, yet it is unique enough to be favorable over other devices.


Wolfking Warrior Keypad Review
Published in: Gaming on 2007-09-14