Windows RC1 Vista – First Impressions

September 5th 2006 | Microsoft

It’s been a while now since Microsoft released beta 2 of Windows Vista, and later this week they unleash Release Candidate 1. Never ones to rest on our laurels, we’ve taken the opportunity to test drive this version and decided to let you all in on what’s new with build 5600, otherwise known as RC1.

..Although not perfect, this release is a great improvement over earlier builds and for the first time ever, I can actually see them getting Vista finished in time for a January 2007 release.

the InquirerWindows RC1 Vista is looking good to go

In conjunction with Release Candidate 1, Microsoft today announced U.S. estimated retail pricing for all editions of Windows Vista for both business and consumer users. Prices for the editions remain unchanged compared with the equivalent Windows XP editions, with the prices of some editions constant since Windows 95.

MicrosoftIndustry Testing of Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 Begins

Windows RC1 Vista – First Impressions
Published in: Microsoft on 2006-09-05