Thermaltake Armor Case Review

March 2nd 2007 | Cases & Acc.

Do you have a tired, old, flimsy case that’s not doing the components inside any justice? Are those components in your case overheating due to poor airflow? Well ThermalTake to the rescue yet again, this time with their giant Armor series case! And this thing is definitely a layer of armor for your delicate components. Ever since the company was founded in 1999 ThermalTake has always been known for manufacturing large, heavy duty cases. ThermalTake has provided us with the biggest and baddest case in their lineup, the ThermalTake Armor w/window.

..If you are looking for case that will give your computer that extra bit of protection and piece of mind that all your hardware is secure then, this is most definitely the case for you. Fast and easy installation of all your hardware, the weight of an elephant, windows and lights, all these things add up to make one fancy case. If you are into the new style, and like to show off all your hardware, then this case is a must-have for you. It’s big its mean and it’s the ThermalTake Armor.


Thermaltake Armor Case Review
Published in: Cases & Acc. on 2007-03-02