SunbeamTech UV CCFL Fans @ Monkey Review

February 19th 2003 | Cases & Acc.

Hmmm… available in nForce blue and green… I want some!

Today we are looking at a very new and extremely innovative product from the fine folks over at SunbeamTech. On the review block today we have a couple fans that are sure to add some color to your tower. The Sound Activated UV CCFL Fans from SunbeamTech have got to be the brightest fans on the market right now and if you know of something better, let us know..

..As you can see, these units will please many. They’re the brightest and most visually appealing fans I’ve seen yet and really sweep the LED fans out of our minds. I would have liked to put them in our main system but they look great in the other system as well. Like similar fans the purpose isn’t high CFM, its more of an esthetics unit with a happy medium, decent CFM with decent sound

SunbeamTech UV CCFL Fans Review

While I was over at Sunbeam having a gander at the Sound Activated Module I found a cold cathode lamp in nForce colours too!

The new Sound Sensitive CCFL kit includes an optional setting for sound sensitive mode and switching flash. This mode will allow the cathode to blink and react to sound waves in the area by an adjustable sensitivity knob which you can adjust it by thumb instead of by screwdriver.

And yes, you can switch it off if your eyes start to bleed… ;)

SunbeamTech UV CCFL Fans @ Monkey Review
Published in: Cases & Acc. on 2003-02-19