SoundBlaster X-Fi Fatality FPS Review

August 29th 2005 | Multimedia

Today Guru of 3D brings you a rather exclusive review, as you know Creative Labs announced their new SoundCard series based on the 51 million transistors counting X-Fi sound processor. Guru3D today brings you a sixteen page review on the SoundBlaster F-Xi Fatality FPS soundcard. Developed under codename Zenith this is the X-Fi sound processor. We finally are stepping away from that good ol’ EMU10K audio processor that we all know and love from the Live! and Audigy series.

Let’s talk a little about the silicon arming all previous soundcards and their increased muscle power. To me it is remarkable to see that large transistor count compared to let’s say the SoundBlaster Live! series which quite honestly is a lovely product. The new X-Fi silicon has almost 26 times more transistors. The untouchable Audigy series had 4.6 Million transistors on that silicon, right now we’re looking at 11 times less transistors compared to the new X-Fi audio processor.

The real deal however kicks in when you buy a Fatality of Elite Pro edition card. The X-Ram functionally appeals to me. At this moment in time we just can’t see the pure benefit of it just yet. As with all new technology the software needs to be patched and made compatible with this new technology. I’m a believer though and I believe this can be a very strong selling point to the gaming audience.


SoundBlaster X-Fi Fatality FPS Review
Published in: Multimedia on 2005-08-29