Sony Bravia KDL-V2000 40in LCD TV Review

August 4th 2006 | Displays

Having been deeply impressed recently by the first of Sony’s new Bravia LCD range, the KDL-32S2010, we were seriously excited by the arrival of the 40in KDL-40V2000. After all, it’s both bigger and even more feature-packed than its already illustrious sibling. We’ve seen more overtly glamorous TVs, but there’s something impressively serious looking about the Sony’s matt black fascia and tough, uncompromising build quality that makes the glamour pusses look rather shallow in comparison.

…Sony’s latest round of picture innovations achieve results on the 40PV2000 that are nothing short of spectacular. So much so, in fact, that in our opinion it’s currently the finest 40in TV on the market.

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Sony Bravia KDL-V2000 40in LCD TV Review
Published in: Displays on 2006-08-04