SIIG Serial-ATA PCI Review

January 27th 2003 | CPUs & Chipsets

Envy News reviews SIIG’s Serial-ATA PCI card – a 2-channel non-RAID card. ‘Inexpensive and bundled with SATA cables’, they take a look at how it competes with an nForce2’s on-board ATA controller using a pair of matched drives – Seagate’s Barracuda V 120GB ATA drive, and the Barracuda V SATA 120GB drive:

“When it comes to storage technology, the buzz is all about the new standard on the block: Serial ATA. Serial ATA, or SATA for short, is one of the more revolutionary steps that is taking place in the computer industry. No more do consumers have to put up with those wide IDE cables that block airflow or deal with rounded cables that may be shielded just enough to prevent major data loss; the days of trying to plug in drives without bending pins or playing with jumpers are now coming to an end as well. Ultra-fast transfer speeds, tiny cabling, and hot swap ability are now available to those that are equipped to use it.”

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SIIG Serial-ATA PCI Review
Published in: CPUs & Chipsets on 2003-01-27