Sennheiser PC166 USB Headset Review

June 25th 2007 | Multimedia

Some companies by their very nature demand that little bit of extra respect. Sennheiser is just such a company, and its reputation has been earned not through eye catching marketing or design, but simply by producing high quality products again and again over a long period of time.

As such when this Sennheiser headset arrived in the office it was of significant interest. This, the PC166 USB, represents the very best of the Sennheiser’s gaming headset range and features its own USB soundcard, as well as a noise reducing microphone.

..Great design, features and performance make the PC166 USB Headset an obvious choice for the discerning gamer that requires the very best. Depending on price they’re great value too, though availability is sketchy at best as is pricing which varies considerably. Still, if you have the money you can’t go too far wrong. 9/10 – TR Recommended Award


Sennheiser PC166 USB Headset Review
Published in: Multimedia on 2007-06-25