Seagate 750GB SATA2 RAID Review

February 23rd 2007 | Storage

Are you looking for better performance from your computer? Does it already have all the latest in cutting edge equipment? If so, you may think that getting more performance would be not possible. You must now be thinking how it could be possible. The answer may be a lot simpler than you thought, and that answer is RAID.. ..Seagate was kind enough to provide us with two of their top 750 GB SATA2 HDDs to use for this RAID review.

..After seeing these stunning results, it makes me wonder why I have never used a RAID 0 setup before! The sheer performance gains of this setup are absolutely stunning. Huge storage space and killer speeds make RAIDing the Seagate SATA2 750s a great choice if you are seeking the ultimate in performance. Seagate also offers a stunning 5 year warranty, which gives you piece of mind when you purchase a Seagate drive. You get not only a good deal, but killer performance to backup your purchase. If you are looking to shave off those extra seconds when loading games or do any kind of CAD work, then these Seagate drives in RAID will be a great choice for you. Editor’s Choice Award


Seagate 750GB SATA2 RAID Review
Published in: Storage on 2007-02-23