Samsung Ultra Music F300 Mobile Phone Review

August 27th 2007 | Phones

First you are greeted by a conventional-looking mobile phone, but when you flip it around, a familiar MP3 interface stares intently at you. What we’re talking here is the dual-face F300 mobile phone from Samsung, featuring a candy-bar form factor mobile phone on one face and a MP3 player on another, all in an ultra slim body. If this mobile could be be a human for a day, it would probably be a very sensitive individual, because you would have a sweet talker on one side and a very good listening ear on the other.

..As a mobile phone for people who message frequently, the F300 doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. However, when the F300 is used as a MP3 player first and mobile phone second, you’ll have all the reasons you need to consider buying one. Other than the small screen on the mobile phone face, we lament the fact that the F300 requires a SIM card to be inserted before it can be used as a MP3 player. Otherwise, the Samsung Ultra Music F300 is, ironically, a good MP3 player with average mobile phone attributes.


Samsung Ultra Music F300 Mobile Phone Review
Published in: Phones on 2007-08-27