Samsung SGH-D500 (Tri-Band) Mobile Phone Review

May 2nd 2005 | Phones

Samsung has once again proven why they are one of the strongest names in the mobile phone business. With the SGH-D500, Samsung has cleverly converged cutting-edge technology with fashion design that raised many eyebrows and has made it one of the most desirable phones to have (period). For this compelling reason, this is one admirable mobile phone that should be considered by those looking for a mobile status symbol of sort. It’s still not the multimedia master phone that we were initially expecting it to be, but Samsung has certainly bridged that reality closer with the SGH-D500 for now.

Samsung SGH-D500 (Tri-Band)

Samsung SGH-D500 (Tri-Band) Mobile Phone Review
Published in: Phones on 2005-05-02