Samsung Q1 SSD Review – Solid State UMPC

September 26th 2006 | Laptops

. This means that the Q1 SSD has no moving parts inside it, making it a far more robust unit than before, but the benefits of a solid state disk don’t end there. The solid state disk is also much lighter than a standard mechanical drive, so the overall weight of the Q1 SSD is 734g compared to 779g for the standard Q1.

Whether or not you like the idea of an Ultra Mobile PC doesn’t change the fact that Samsung has created an impressive technology demonstration with the Q1 SSD. The solid state drive means that there are no moving parts and thus reduces the chance of failure, even if the user is rough. The performance improvements are obvious, while the reduction in battery drain is welcome.

What I’d really like to see though, is one of Samsung’s ultra-portable notebooks with one of these drives inside it.

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Samsung Q1 SSD Review – Solid State UMPC
Published in: Laptops on 2006-09-26