Saitek GM3200 3200 DPI Gaming Mouse Review

March 9th 2007 | Peripherals

In the performance market, numbers mean everything. From MHZ to megabyte, the industry revolves around extremes. The Saitek GM3200 gamers mouse promises a DPI of 3200:

..The high DPI will be welcomed by high speed gamers, but the lower polling rate will be a disappointment to the accuracy gamers. This mouse is targeted at the speed gamers by design and will satisfy your cravings for swift onscreen movement.

The aesthetics aren’t going to win a Turner prize anytime soon but it’s still a good looking product. If Saitek improve the polling rate, there will be nothing to stop this mouse from receiving the Editors Choice award and stealing Razer’s crown as my favourite mouse. 5/5


Saitek GM3200 3200 DPI Gaming Mouse Review
Published in: Peripherals on 2007-03-09