NVIDIA GeForce 6200 Press Release & Previews

October 11th 2004 | Graphics Cards

NVIDIA today announced the new GeForce 6200 video card. The GeForce 6200 is NVIDIA’s answer to the entry-level market. You will typically find this series of card for sale between $120 and $150. NVIDIA has taken all of the technology from the GeForce 6800 series and have successfully moved it into the hands of the entry-level mainstream consumer.

. . . While we did not cover other uses for the 6200 here, it is full of features. Considering there is a possibility a passively cooled GeForce 6200, it could make an excellent video card for a home theater system or in a system where quiet computing is a must. The programmable video processor on board has a bevy of features that appeal to the home video / home theater enthusiast, which we will be hearing a lot more about soon. Due to some changes at product launch, we were not able to share this with you today, but it looks very promising.

You’ve seen our gaming results and you’ve seen what the GeForce 6200 series has to offer. If you are in need of an upgrade from an integrated chipset, or simply need a gaming card that will not break the bank, you may want to check out what the GeForce 6200 can offer.

The NVIDIA GeForce 6200 is an amazing gaming card for the price point that will no doubt fill in a huge need for budget gamers.

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NVIDIA GeForce 6200 Press Release & Previews
Published in: Graphics Cards on 2004-10-11