nVHardpage v1.21.2b

February 22nd 2003 | Drivers

nVHardPage tweaker serves on en/disabling hidden features in nVidia control panel, tweaking nVidia Direct3D and OpenGL settings and overclocking your nVidia graphic card. In this v1.21.2b version Matuus changed a lot.

  • added overclocking option in Preset manager
  • added Direct3D registry database files for detonators 40.71 – 42.86
  • added support for 4x and 8x anisotropic filtering in adapter info program
  • added DirectX9 features option
  • added Direct3D Pixel shader option
  • updated language selection for user-created language files
  • updated Performance Wizard
  • fixed detection of new AA modes
  • fixed loop error if language file is corrupted
  • some others small fixes and changes
  • added Swedish and Hungarian language

Download link and the rest @ Guru3D

nVHardpage v1.21.2b
Published in: Drivers on 2003-02-22