Nokia N93i Review

March 28th 2007 | Phones

While the new Nokia N93i seems to look like its predecessor, the N93, there are enough changes underneath its new skin to keep it pegged as the handset of choice for any self-conferred mobile warrior. The most obvious change the N93i brings is its new mirror finish and underneath is an OLED display, which remains hidden until either the phone is being used or upon incoming call/message.

If you are looking for a phone that can practically do it all, then the ‘beefed up’ version of the N93 is for you. The Nokia N93i can be your mobile phone, your camera, your video camera or just about anything you want it to be in one compact unit. It is also lighter and thinner than its older sibling, has a battery life of about 1.5 days, and has wireless connectivity options including Wi-Fi. Just be ready to shell out a lot of money though, as this multimedia wonder will set you back by a proper USD$736 or SGD$1,150.


Nokia N93i Review
Published in: Phones on 2007-03-28