New NVIDIA Intel Desktop Chipsets for 2007

February 14th 2007 | NVIDIA

MCP73 is NVIDIA’s headline integrated graphics chipset for Intel in 2007. It will come in no less than three flavors. The main chipset, dubbed MCP73P, is a 1333MHz front-side bus chipset. A cut down version of the same chipset, dubbed MCP73PV, will only feature a 1066MHz FSB. Our sources would not reveal the third chipset, although is it likely a derivative that does not feature integrated graphics.

NVIDIA would not disclose to DailyTech which GPU the core utilizes, but a low end G70 core is likely the best candidate. MCP73 IGP will feature integrated HDMI and HDCP support.

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New NVIDIA Intel Desktop Chipsets for 2007
Published in: NVIDIA on 2007-02-14