Microsoft Habu Laser Gaming Mouse Review

January 12th 2007 | Peripherals

The Habu was an interesting mix of the recent products we have seen from Razer and Microsoft. It is hard to pin down exactly how they came to this product, but I would say it is about 80% Razer and 20% Microsoft as the lighting, two primary buttons, software, wheel, and insides are all Razer, while the larger size, elongated rear, and that crafty side panel are more along the lines of things I would expect from Microsoft.

If you are one of the many people who simply cannot stand Razer mice, you will probably like the Habu more than any of Razer’s products, but I am not sure you will be sold on it. Also, die hard fans of the Intellimouse may be a bit turned off by Microsoft’s move to a Razer-style mouse, with it’s large buttons, bright lighting, and high sensitivity laser. This is not to say that everyone will dislike it though, just the opposite in fact. The Habu seems to have brought some mass appeal to Razer’s design and despite its differences from the other products on the market, it seems like people will really like it.

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Microsoft Habu Laser Gaming Mouse Review
Published in: Peripherals on 2007-01-12