LumiSource Boom Chair Multimedia Furniture

December 15th 2005 | General

LumiSource Multimedia Furniture makes its debut — Boom Chair CES 2006.

What do you get when a chair and a speaker system collide? Lumisource thinks you end up with a must have addition to your music player or game console.

Lumisource, a designer and supplier of decor and lighting products, see a positive trend in interactive entertainment furniture. Launching Boom Chair in 2005 the company designed an affordable sound chair with vibration features. (Vibration mode works in harmony with whatever audio the chair is plugged into.)

The Boom Chair’s user-friendly design hooks up in just seconds to Game consoles, Music Players, and even personal DVD players. Lumisource had Gamers in mind when it designed multiple Boom products. The Boom Chair 2.0 is a foldable Video Rocker that can be placed in front of your PlayStation or set up to provide music from an i-pod. Multiple chairs can be connected together to expand the audio and tactile experience. The addition of Boom Cube (an ottoman) provides sound, seating and storage at an even better retail price point.

Audiophiles will appreciate the punch of the Boom Chair sound system, complimented by the vibration motors built into the chair. Speakers near your head provide a crisp stereo image as deep bass thunders out of the chair’s built-in subwoofer.

The Boom Chair’s styling is sleek, simple and clean. The racing seat design accommodates the occupant comfortably and allows Gamers to rock back into numerous positions. Seat controls are placed so that all adjustments can be made while sitting or playing. The chair even accommodates headphones, allowing the listener to continue the experience of vibration mode while disabling the sound system. Available now at numerous retailers, Boom Chair arrives just in time to take advantage of what is expected to be a very gadget oriented sales year.

New Versions to be shown at CES 2006!

LumiSource Boom Chair Multimedia Furniture
Published in: General on 2005-12-15