Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard Review

February 16th 2007 | Peripherals

The Edge is the first diNovo keyboard to be part of Logitech’s Advanced Peripherals line. These are high-end components whose goal is to match style with serious performance. This by itself does not tell us much about the keyboard, but we know that is has been promoted to the same category of items as Logitech’s acclaimed Z-10 speakers and MX Revolution mouse.

The diNovo Edge is a considerable departure from the two previous models. It takes the issue of style one step further and tweaks the entire package so that the only thing keeping the two old models and this new one together is the basic design of the keyboard. The Edge does not include a mouse or floating number pad, which is going to take many people off guard, given the price tag, but it makes up for it in a number of different ways. This keyboard is all about innovation and smart design, things that are not cheap to put out but eventually can have considerable effects on the industry.

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Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard Review
Published in: Peripherals on 2007-02-16