Liquid Metal Cooling – Sapphire Radeon X850XT PE

May 19th 2005 | Graphics Cards

Sapphire will demo some early prototypes of its next generation graphic card coolers based on liquid metal cooling at E3, says the Inquirer (also includes a pic of the card too):

How it works is very simple, you have some liquid metal and some pipes and metal will actually circle the pipes using electromagnetic phenomenon and will be able to cool the card just fine. Some early testing showed that prototype cooled Radeon X850XT PE card to just 12 Celsius.

It can work completely fanless and can cool the high end fastest and latest greatest cards. Sapphire will have this product ready in July and will launch many other SKUs based on it.

Liquid Metal Cooling – Sapphire Radeon X850XT PE
Published in: Graphics Cards on 2005-05-19