Intel Xeon 5130 and 5160 (2-way SMP) Performance Review

November 2nd 2006 | CPUs & Chipsets

The highly successful Core microarchitecture infiltrated desktops and laptops, but don’t forget they also made their way into workstations and servers with the rejuvenated Xeon 5100 series. Codenamed Woodcrest, they aren’t as expensive as perceived to be as we found out when pitting it against the Core 2 Extreme.

Of keen interest in our timeframe to review the Intel Xeon 5100 series processors now is to find out how viable is the platform for personal use as an alternative to mainstream consumer parts.

A platform with dual Xeon 5130 processors in particular looks tempting as it might just cost less than a consumer platform using the Core 2 Extreme X6800 uni-processor, but is able to achieve as good or better number crunching performance.


Intel Xeon 5130 and 5160 (2-way SMP) Performance Review
Published in: CPUs & Chipsets on 2006-11-02