Ideazon Zboard Fang Gaming Pad Review

August 14th 2006 | Gaming

The PC wasn’t originally designed for games. Neither the keyboard or mouse has ever had games in mind.. ..So what makes Ideazon believe that it can have any better luck by introducing a gaming keyboard?

This particular model – FANG, is designed as an add-on to your current keyboard. The device itself is USB and doesn’t require any drivers. From a hardware point of view, the PC just sees it as a standard keyboard. Although the keys might look special with “reload” written on it for instance, this just maps to a standard key – like R. This makes it 100 per cent compatible with any game. Inside the game where you would usually map keyboard keys to action, you do exactly the same except press a key on the Zboard.

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Ideazon Zboard Fang Gaming Pad Review
Published in: Gaming on 2006-08-14