HTC S710 Smartphone Review

June 20th 2007 | Phones

The HTC S710 is an impressive phone. This Windows Mobile 6 based smartphone packs a lot of features in a relatively small candybar-shaped design. The S710 has a very large and good LCD display, WiFi support, a spring-loaded QWERTY keyboard, a 2 megapixel digital camera, lots of multimedia capabilities, microSD memory support and lots of other features.

This is my first experience with a Windows Mobile phone and overall I’m very pleased. The phone has lots of capabilities but it still feels pretty "phone-ish". Before I got this phone I feared a bit that Windows Mobile would put the phone features (calling, texting…) a bit on the background but this wasn’t the case. In my opinion the biggest downsides of the HTC S710 "Vox" are the sometimes slow performance and the low battery life.

Without a contract the HTC S710 can be bought for about 400EUR [$455.00 - $480.00]. This isn’t really cheap for a phone but it’s still pretty affordable for a feature-packed Windows Mobile 6 smartphone.


HTC S710 Smartphone Review
Published in: Phones on 2007-06-20