GIGABYTE – Gigabyte K8NSNXP nForce3 250Gb Motherboard Review

May 3rd 2004 | Hardware

T-break has reviewed the Gigabyte K8NSNXP Motherboard (NVIDIA nForce3 250Gb)

In our opinion, the nForce3-250Gb is the most complete chipset for the Athlon64 at the moment providing support for latest technologies like Serial-ATA/RAID as well as a PCI/AGP lock for the overclockers. Today, we take a look at the second board based on this chipset- the Gigabyte K8NSNXP. If you remember correctly, Gigabyte’s nForce2 based 7NNXP was one of the most feature-rich board based on that chipset. That trend continues with the K8NSNXP.

…The K8NSNXP is loaded on features. It offers three different RAID controllers, one of the first implementations on IEEE 1394b and Dual Network Interfaces. Although we can understand the economics, we feel that Gigabyte should’ve chosen the 250Gb chipset- at least for their highest-end version of this board. Performance-wise, the board is somewhat lacking in gaming benchmarks but we feel this can be addressed in a BIOS upgrade. Gigabyte has never really focused on extreme overclocking which is also the case with K8NSNXP with its missing multiplier ratio. Instead, they focus on stability and in that area, the board does not disappoint. If you’re looking for a stable nForce3-250 solution with over-the-top options and some overclocking, then the K8NSNXP should be on your short list.

I give the SK8N a hard earned 7/10 while the SK8V boasts a 8/10.

Gigabyte K8NSNXP (nF3-250Gb

GIGABYTE – Gigabyte K8NSNXP nForce3 250Gb Motherboard Review
Published in: Hardware on 2004-05-03