Gigabyte GB M1600B FM/MP3/DVD ROM Review

September 27th 2004 | Storage

The G0-M1600B can be thought of as an Optical drive on steroids. It’s basically a 16X DVD read drive with no writing capabilities and offers FM and Audio CD capabilities without requiring you to boot into any O/S. Gigabyte bundles it with a remote control to make its usage even more convenient. The best part about the setup is that it doesn’t require use of any onboard slots which makes it a perfect companion for any SFF PC.

. . .While we’re quite happy with the G0-M1600B, we do wish that Gigabyte adds some further functionality to their upcoming models. On the top of that list would be a Divx/DVD decoder that would allow us to watch movies without booting into an O/S. It would also be good if Gigabyte uses a Combo drive with CD writing capabilities as that won’t really add much to the cost and provide you with a bit more flexibility.

All in all, we think that the G0-M1600B is a pretty good product that will especially please people that want to use their SFF PC as an HTPC. It doesn’t require any onboard slots and provides a fast access to Audio, MP3 and FM along with a remote control- all in an attractive looking drive. Its a perfect companion to SFF PCs without multimedia features.
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Gigabyte GB M1600B FM/MP3/DVD ROM Review
Published in: Storage on 2004-09-27