EVGA 256-P2-N612-TX e-GeForce 7600 GTS Video Card Review

October 23rd 2006 | Graphics Cards

EVGA is known as a manufacturer of NVIDIA video cards. Their support is second to none in the industry, and they generally offer faster than reference cards. The bulk of sales in the standalone video card market come from the mid-range and lower category (under $200). One of the excellent examples of this is the GeForce 7600GS. Today I have the EVGA GeForce 7600GTS based upon this chipset on the test bench.

The card is a bit of an enigma, as it registers as a 7600GS in the drivers, but its performance was shown to be most akin to that of a 7600GT. As the difference between a 7600GT and a 7600GS is the clock speed, this card should be most clearly labeled as a 7600GS that is clocked the same as EVGA’s 7600GT, meaning that this should be interesting. For a street price of $116 after mail-in rebate, the 7600GTS is a good alternative to the 7600GT, as its performance is very nearly the same, but the price is lower. After consultation with EVGA, they say the 7600GTS is a cross between the 7600GS and a 7600GT (GDDR3 memory).


EVGA 256-P2-N612-TX e-GeForce 7600 GTS Video Card Review
Published in: Graphics Cards on 2006-10-23