EPOX – EPoX Interview

June 26th 2003 | Hardware

Q: A question on diversification: does Epox plan to manufacture video cards? On what products besides motherboards does Epox concentrate its efforts?
A: We have a very close relation now with Nvidia being one of their preferred partners in using their supreme Nforce platform processor for our boards, so far we where extremely successful with this chipset offering a wide range of flavors spec-wise. This relation let to a lot of discussions of whether we should reconsider manufacturing VGA boards. We are ready to start doing so, but we are also waiting for the right timing… My guess personal that we will probably step into this field with NV35 chipset based cards. We would only offer Nvidia based graphic cards for obvious reasons.

Q: And finally: although SerialATA support appeared on 8RDA3+, MCP south bridge is used (it looks strange). Does Epox plan to produce a board with both SerialATA support and MCP-T south bridge or will there be a board with MCP-S? When it is going to happen?
A: Using the MCP Southbridge we are only lacking support for the soundstorm ability of the boards, we do think this function is important that’s why we are still using the MCP-T chips on our 8R G/D A+ boards. By adding the other features like Serial ATA, using 3rd party chips we are able to offer boards at a different price level to the users who want diversity at an affordable range. MCP-S is schedules and we are about to finish the specs on boards housing that chip thus offering Giga LAN for example.

Epox interview 2003 @ Digital-Daily

EPOX – EPoX Interview
Published in: Hardware on 2003-06-26