EPOX – EPoX 8RDA6+ PRO nForce2 400Gb Motherboard Review

August 11th 2004 | Hardware

With the K7 processor close to the end of its life, Epox have decided to have one last kick at the can… and viola, the 8RDA6+ PRO is born. Based on the nForce2 Ultra 400 chipset and the new nVidia MCP Gigabit/Serial ATA compatible southbridge, the 8RDA6+ PRO is a very capable motherboard that is full of features.

It features native Serial ATA/IDE RAID, Gigabit ethernet, 7.1 audio, an additional Serial ATA RAID controller, IEEE 1394a and of course the Port 80 diagnostics card. Everything is well laid out and we have no real complaints, which is impressive. I guess it can be annoying to have to remove the videocard (if you have a long one) when installing memory, but that’s the price you pay for having six PCI slots. Enthusiasts should enjoy the voltage controls in the BIOS too.

Overall, the performance of the Epox 8RDA6+ PRO was good. It kept up with the DFI LANParty NF2 Ultra B in all the benchmarks, and that’s pretty much the fastest nForce2 motherboard you can get. We were limited to a maximum FSB of 216 MHz which is a bit disappointing considering it’s Epox, but I guess you can’t win them all. If you’re looking for your last Socket 462 motherboard, you might like what you see in the Epox 8RDA6+ PRO!…

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EPOX – EPoX 8RDA6+ PRO nForce2 400Gb Motherboard Review
Published in: Hardware on 2004-08-11