Epox EP-9NPAJ SLi Review

August 29th 2005 | nForce4

Due to ATi’s CrossFire technology which will be launched soon, nVIDIA is lowering SLi chipset prices and to make the SLi technology become more common as more people will able to afford it. Today, we’ll looking at a value SLi board from Epox; EP-9NPAJ SLi. It is the second AMD SLi board from Epox besides EP-9NPA+ SLi and basically, it similar with the EP-9NPA+ SLi where some features and accessories were reduced to keep its cost low to attract more customers.

Overall, Epox 9NPAJ SLi is a good value board as it gives good performance and comes with a lot of features such as EZ buttons, onboard LED display trouble-shooting, flexible thermometer and others. However it doesn’t really a good overclocking board altough it provides nice BIOS tweaking. 132USD for a good performance, nice features board is quite rare, so Epox 9NPAJ SLi should be one of the great SLi board choice and it will serve you well too.


Epox EP-9NPAJ SLi Review
Published in: nForce4 on 2005-08-29