Enermax Liberty EL500AWT 500W PSU Review

November 11th 2005 | Cases & Acc.

The Liberty 500W is a great example of what Enermax power supplies are known for–great reliable performance. The ability to have modular cables is great and greatly improves cable management and case airflow, but the way Enermax implemented the connectors on their power cables is ingenious. I only had to use a single power cable to power my SATA drive, DVD+/-RW, and floppy drive.

The internals of the Liberty 500W may not be too insanely beefy, but it does provide solid performance even for an overclocked system. Enermax has done a great job with their first modular power supply. The high 80% efficiency is what I am loving right now. I leave my computer on all the time so having a high efficiency does lower my electricity bill. How can I complain?


Enermax Liberty EL500AWT 500W PSU Review
Published in: Cases & Acc. on 2005-11-11