ECS – ECS Unveils Next Gen Motherboards @ CeBIT 2005

March 4th 2005 | Hardware

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) has unveiled a series of motherboard products that will be showcased at CeBIT 2005 including the Intel 955X (e.g. the ECS PF22 Extreme) and 945P (e.g. the ECS PF5 Extreme) chipset-based motherboards.

ECS recently launched KN1 Extreme, is another high-end motherboard of ECS Extreme series to be on display at CeBIT 2005. This K8 motherboard features the latest NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra single chip, delivering revolutionary technologies including PCI Express, SATA II, secure high-speed networking and high-performance RAID. Better yet, a Wi-Fi 802.11g LAN connector makes this motherboard ideal for Internet connection sharing over a home network.

Featuring the NVIDIA family of chips, NFORCE4-A939, NFORCE4-A754 and NFORCE3-A motherboards also bring the benefits of NV RAID, Gigabit LAN and support the advanced AMD K8 platform.

ECS will showcase ATI chipset-based motherboards as well. P4 integrated solution (e.g. the ECS RS400-A) and K8 integrated solution (e.g. the ECS RS480-M) are built around the Radeon 9600 graphic core, the most advanced on-board graphics in the worldwide market and support Microsoft DirectX 9. K8 discrete solutions will be provided as well. The K8 discrete solution is the world’s 1st K8 motherboard with PCI Express architecture.

Visit Hall 22, Booth A30 at CeBIT 2005 for full details on ECS exclusive new motherboard series and for the opportunity to speak to key ECS staff about their company strategy for the coming year.

ECS – ECS Unveils Next Gen Motherboards @ CeBIT 2005
Published in: Hardware on 2005-03-04