DFI – DFI LanParty UT NF3 250GB Motherboard Review

November 10th 2004 | Hardware

So what have I got to say about this board? There’s two things that jump out at you about it. One is the overclocking potential. It’s simply off the hook. The voltage options are sure to please everyone, including the phase change crowd, and it’s capable of handling high speed with aplomb. For me it took my BH-5 based memory further than it’s ever been, and very shortly we’ll see what it can do with a Sempron 3100+ attached to it’s socket.

The other main feature IS the features. Performance on the K8 platform is pretty much even for everyone, thanks to AMD taking the memory controller under it’s wing. Instead, you have to look at what the board does for you in ways other than benchmarks. The layout, the feature set, and the fact that it uses nVidia’s 250Gb chip are all positive assets in the DFI LanParty’s corner.

All features integrated through chipset except Firewire
Fantastic board layout
Top performance in many categories
Overclocking options galore, that actually work: PCI/AGP/SATA clock locks included
Two oddly placed SATA connectors
No Infinity (ie: cheaper) version yet, or socket 939 equivalent
As you can tell, I’m pretty happy with this product. I don’t feel inclined to give out awards too often, because rarely do products actually blow me away. This one does. Best socket 754 motherboard I’ve tested, by far.

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DFI – DFI LanParty UT NF3 250GB Motherboard Review
Published in: Hardware on 2004-11-10