Details of Upcoming Ubisoft Titles Leaked

September 22nd 2006 | Gaming

Ubisoft, the company behind video game franchises such as Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell, deals with a leak that revealed details such as images of virtually every upcoming major title to the Internet. The incident included information about unannounced games such as Farcry 2, Prince of Persia 4, and Splinter Cell: Conviction.

The leak occurred in the shape of a massive 2 GB compressed file in RAR format that was located in the public area of Ubisoft’s FTP server. It did not take long until links to the file were posted across the Internet, including sites such

According to the postings, the file included images such as concept art, game logos, screenshots and even videos of more than 15 games from Ubisoft.

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Details of Upcoming Ubisoft Titles Leaked
Published in: Gaming on 2006-09-22