Creative Solution for X-Fi and nForce4 Chipset Issue

October 17th 2005 | Multimedia

Creative’s forum admin ‘Catherina-CL’ has posted a solution for nForce4 owners experiencing problems with their SoundBlaster X-Fi cards:

A problem was identified on nForce4 based systems where the system ran into difficulties, related to the enumeration of the cards with 2MB (X-Fi XtremeMusic and X-Fi Platinum).

This resulted in a variety of symptoms:
- The system may freeze or not boot
- The system may list multiple "Unknown PCI Device" entries and lead to a BSOD
- The system may reboot repeatedly (when "Automatically Restart" is enabled in the Advanced system settings)

Some motherboard manufacturers have already acknowledged this issue and released a BIOS update to resolve it. For systems where a BIOS update is not available we will be providing an alternative resolution in the form of a replacement card with modified firmware. Please contact Customer Support for your region for further details.

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Creative Solution for X-Fi and nForce4 Chipset Issue
Published in: Multimedia on 2005-10-17