Chenbro Xpider II Case Review

October 8th 2004 | Cases & Acc.

Chenbro’s Gaming Bomb took the world by storm, all while giving the gamers what they wanted. But it wasn’t without its faults. The Xpider II attempts to continue from where the Gaming Bomb left off, adding user-inputted features such as a reset switch and a bigger window. All of the award-winning specs and features found in the Gaming Bomb have migrated to the Xpider II – the nearly screwless interface, removable hard drive bay, and even the EMI liners along the frame.

Being a midrange product ($89 USD for the “Standard” and $129 USD for the “Plus”), the steel construction can become quite cumbersome. But rather than give the consumers a cheaply made aluminum case, Chenbro has opted to work the product into an assorted array of exemplary ingenuity, bringing two packages in four colors to you at a very respectable price.

96 Points – Envy News Merit Award

+ Attractive design
+ Easily removable bezel
+ Removable hard drive bay
+ Screwless drive rails
+ Latching side panel
+ Dust filter
+ 3D Metal Xpider
- No motherboard tray
- No 3.5” bay covers

Chenbro Xpider II @ Envy News

Chenbro Xpider II Case Review
Published in: Cases & Acc. on 2004-10-08