Canon PowerShot S3 IS Digital Camera Review

August 4th 2006 | Cameras

The PowerShot S3 IS is one of the best ultra-zoom digital cameras on the market. With its 12x zoom lens, established image stabilization system, and hybrid recording structure, it has the main ingredients for a solid workhorse.

The 6-Megapixel CCD and DIGIC II image processor are also key features, designed to meet the demands of the high sensitivity camera. The image processor is much more efficient than the original DIGIC chip and gets a little more battery life than before. Manual and automatic functionality, as well as an excellent movie mode and above-par image quality (although images can be a bit on the soft side) make it a good choice for those not wanting to commit to a more expensive digital SLR.


Canon PowerShot S3 IS Digital Camera Review
Published in: Cameras on 2006-08-04