BoomChair 2.1 Multimedia Furniture Review

July 24th 2007 | Multimedia

If you are looking for something to bring more immersion and better sound to your portable gaming, music and movie watching the BoomChair 2.1 is perfect for you. This rocking chair is comfortable and has some cool electronics on board to make your entertainment gear more exciting.

The BoomChair 2.1 folds down to make storage easier and is comfortable enough for extended use. Adults can sit in it comfortably as well as kids and the vibration motors add a new sensation to your gaming or movie watching. RCA cables you need are included as well as a RCA to headphone jack. The RCA to headphone cable is used to connect MP3 players and portable game systems like the PSP to the chair.

..The BoomChair 2.1 performs well for those not expecting stellar sound quality. For gamers looking to add speakers and vibration feedback, the BoomChair 2.1 is hard to beat. It also makes for a nice chair for a dorm room that can be used for other tasks as well. The BoomChair 2.1 is a great addition for a kid’s room or game room.


BoomChair 2.1 Multimedia Furniture Review
Published in: Multimedia on 2007-07-24