ATI Web Site Gets AMD Makeover

October 25th 2006 | CPUs & Chipsets

ATI’s web site has had an AMD makeover. The new site – and its AMD green colorscheme – follows today’s announcement by Advanced Micro Devices detailing its successful acquisition of ATI.

Brosers pointed at are now redirected to the new site at where AMD’s corporate green has replaced the familiar ATI-red branding. The web site may have lost its identity but the ATI brand will live on, according to AMD Chief Technology Officer Phil Hester.

Speaking to RegHardware in London today (AMD: we will not kill ATI brand), Hester revealed that the ATI name will continue to be used in association with what are now AMD’s discrete graphics products and its chipsets.

“This makes eminent sense if only because its allows Nvidia and its new arch-rival to continue to describe each other as the ‘red guys’ and the ‘green guys’. If AMD dropped ATI, all GPUs – well, the ones that matter – would be all green, and how would anyone tell them apart?” says El Reg.

ATI Web Site Gets AMD Makeover
Published in: CPUs & Chipsets on 2006-10-25