ASUS P5N32-E SLI Plus Review: NVIDIA’s 650i Dual x16

April 3rd 2007 | nForce 600

This is our first look at an NVIDIA hybrid configuration for the Intel platform. ASUS has done an amazing job combining the 650i SPP and 570 SLI MCP chipset into a board design that offers the same basic features of the 680i SLI chipset at a very competitive price point. This is the same philosophy that NVIDIA is using with the 680i LT SLI chipset, only their first implementation fell a bit short in features when compared to the ASUS solution. Certainly both designs have their own strengths and weakness but at this time we feel like ASUS did a better job when they decided to lower the price point for obtaining 680i features and performance.

We really like this board, so much so we are awarding it a Silver Editors’ Choice Award. More importantly, we appreciate the fact that ASUS went to the trouble of designing and producing it at a time when 680i boards were selling well north of $250. ASUS has engineered a unique solution that performs better and costs less than most 680i motherboards. While the 680i LT SLI has taken a certain amount of air out ASUS’ sails, we still believe this board offers the best overall combination of features, quality, and performance in a 680i level board for under $200.


ASUS P5N32-E SLI Plus Review: NVIDIA’s 650i Dual x16
Published in: nForce 600 on 2007-04-03