ASUS K8N-DL dual Opteron Motherboard Released (nForce4 Pro)

March 30th 2005 | nForce Pro

Who said that you only have the choice of Intel® CPU server motherboard in 2005? ASUS K8N-DL motherboard supports dual AMD Opteron™ CPU for servers, workstations or high-end desktops. K8N-DL has two powerful cores and also supports dual-channel DDR ECC registered memory, eight channels of audio output with Coaxial and optical S/PDIF connector, and SATA RAID. It is definitely an excellent choice of CAD/CAM Simulation, multimedia and game station for you.


TAIWANESE MEGABOARD maker Asus has released a dual Opteron workstation board which comes with some nifty features. The ATX board includes dual SI Serial ATA chips, providing eight channels, a full set of IO ports, Audio 7.1 SPDF and sells at a dealer price of $265, which is quite a bit cheaper than the Tyan S2895, which dealers can buy at around $400 or so.

Asus takes on Tyan with feature rich Opteron board
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ASUS K8N-DL dual Opteron Motherboard Released (nForce4 Pro)
Published in: nForce Pro on 2005-03-30