ASUS EN8600GTS Silent 256MB DDR3 Graphics Card Review

September 21st 2007 | Graphics Cards

The ASUS EN8600GTS Silent 256MB DDR3 "high-end" graphics card features SilentCool Technology. Acording to ASUS, "this technology allows for a fan-less, noiseless, cooling solution for high performance graphics cards," which results in a quieter computer since the graphics card operates at 0 decibels. ASUS also incorporates another patented technology called the swivel joint. Essentially, this unique feature allows the user to swivel the cooling fins 90 degrees so that it is situated over top the CPU fan, which takes away heat from the graphics card and allows for cooler operation.

Overall, I was fairly pleased with the results of the EN8600GTS Silent. Although not an extreme card, most average users would be more than satisfied. The only real competition the EN8600GTS Silent faced during this review, was with the X1950Pro. Out of 24 runs, the EN8600GTS Silent beat the X1950 Pro 14 times while the X1950 Pro beat the EN8600GTS Silent 10 times. The EN8600GTS Silent can be had for approximately $200.00 US, which won’t break the bank; although, you can get the X1950 Pro for a little less. What I liked most about the EN8600GTS Silent was the actual silence of it… All in all, I would recommend it.


ASUS EN8600GTS Silent 256MB DDR3 Graphics Card Review
Published in: Graphics Cards on 2007-09-21