Adobe Premiere Express Now Available on YouTube and

June 22nd 2007 | General

With the increasing popularity of online video, Adobe is pioneering a new way to deliver its industry-leading creative software technologies online, with Adobe Premiere Express.

Adobe Premiere Express is a free, Web-based video remix and editing technology that is easy and fun to use. The application’s user interface is all drag-and-drop and designed for even novice Web users. With Adobe Premiere Express, users can quickly create and edit mash-up style Web videos by combining video clips, music, photos, effects, transitions and titles. Adobe Premiere Express is available free to users on and

At, site visitors can remix Kelly Clarkson’s new video, Never Again to enter a contest to win a chance for MTV to play their music video remix on the MTV network. The contest runs through June 27.

The technology is available on YouTube’s TestTube site, where users can edit and assemble new videos and publish their remixes to YouTube.

Photobucket‘s 44 million users have had the ability to create video remixes and slideshows with Adobe Premiere Express since February, 2007.

Adobe Premiere Express is a lightweight Flash-based Web application, and does not require plug-ins or special software downloads. Adobe Premiere Express requires Flash 9. You will need to upload videos to Photobucket and YouTube to use Adobe Premiere Express.

To try out Adobe Premiere Express, go to these Web sites

Adobe Premiere Express Now Available on YouTube and
Published in: General on 2007-06-22