ABIT NF8 (nForce3 250Gb) Review

February 28th 2005 | nForce4

Overall, I’m very pleased with the NF8. The package is light and doesn’t feature Abit’s uGuru, but the price makes up for the loss. Coming in at well below $100, the NF8 is a great board to own. The features of the nForce3 chipset along with Abit’s performance makes the NF8 a great recommendation. Sure Abit is a little late to the Socket 754 nForce3 game, but there’s nothing wrong with that. They did bring a good competitor to the field.

InsaneTek Recommended Award

Attractive orange/red PCB
Excellent price tag
Abit’s excellent official support
Great performance
Decent overclocking potential
Decent BIOS options
Includes 5 fan headers
Lacking software bundle
Only provides 2 DIMM slots
CPU temperature readout is far out in the next town
Current newest BIOS seems to limit maximum overclock potential

Abit NF8 (nForce3 250Gb) Review

ABIT NF8 (nForce3 250Gb) Review
Published in: nForce4 on 2005-02-28