Abit AN-M2D Notherboard Review

July 5th 2007 | nForce 600

In my mind, all motherboards are created the same. You buy one for your processor and your RAM. However, this is one time when I’m wrong… Today I have Abit’s AN-M2HD [NVIDIA GeForce 7050PV/nForce 630a] which features the media moguls favourite: HDMI.

..HD content is the latest and greatest way to enlarge your carbon footprint and waste your afternoons, and the abit AN-M2HD does this perfectly. With HDMI, currently the best on-board graphics and optical out audio, this motherboard is perfect for a media PC. The manual makes any noobie at home instantly, and anyone with interest but not the knowledge to build a PC will find this board a dream to install and set up.

With the downsides countable with only two fingers, this board scores a very well deserved nine. Take into account the £60 [~$110] asking price and you have the perfect media PC motherboard.


Abit AN-M2D Notherboard Review
Published in: nForce 600 on 2007-07-05