Abit AB9 QuadGT Motherboard Review

March 23rd 2007 | Hardware

Now under the Universal abit brand name, the bad ass attitude of ABIT is back with a vengeance. Today we have a new motherboard based on Intel’s P965 chipset, the same that was used in the AB9 Pro board, but with a few updates to the design and layout. It is aimed at taking on ASUS and Gigabyte’s Crossfire dual graphics based Intel P965 motherboard – today we test the AB9 QuadGT and see if ABIT are able to produce a motherboard for your Core 2 processor which packs some punch.

..As far as we are concerned, we believe the guys over at Universal abit are certainly on the comeback trail and they’ll continue to improve if they continue producing motherboards like the QuadGT.

Finally ABIT has really listened and started to put boards out that people want, not telling people what they want. The latest P965 motherboard from ABIT not only see dual graphics support but further additions such as an extra e.SATA port, better heat pipe cooling, better stability and durability through the use of solid state capacitors and digital PWM and the list goes on.


Abit AB9 QuadGT Motherboard Review
Published in: Hardware on 2007-03-23